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Der geflügelte Löwe

Feature Artist Yu Cheng Hong The most striking feature of the fantasy digital illustrations of the Chinese artist Yu Cheng Hong is the richness of the details. Yu Cheng has worked as a character.

Kriegerin der tiefen Wälder

by Jee-Hyung Lee. I felt the jungle ground shake from under me. I turn around to see the legend of the forest warrior, protected of all animals and hunter of humans.

Character Inspiration

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오늘 소개드릴 게임원화가는 워낙 유명해서 소개드리고 싶지는 않지만(?) 국내에서 가장 트랜드적인 화풍을...

absurdres aqua eyes arms up black shoes blonde hair bodysuit breasts cherrylich cross cross necklace full body garter straps grey background habit head tilt highres holding staff jewelry juliet sleeves leotard long sleeves necklace nun original parte