Old book spines glued to box, great way to store clutter on a shelf.

Old book spines glued to a box becomes hidden bookshelf storage. Garden Ridge also has fake old books with storage inside. Old book spines glued to a box becomes…

I so want one of these!

Home, A Book Igloo

Book Igloo - Home is a recent sculptural installation by Colombian artist Miler Lagos. The piece was constructed at MagnanMetz Gallery late last year using carefully stacked books to create a compact dome that is entirely self-supporting.

I LOVE this...how many books would it take to make an office desk?

The new architecture library at Delft University of Technology just opened featuring a spectacular front desk built out of recycled books. Read more: TU Delft Architecture Library Desk Made From Books

I know this is a dress but it was created using "The Golden Book"

Boston-based designer Ryan Novelline made this amazing “storybook gown” out of discarded Golden Books. “The skirt is comprised entirely of the illustrations from the books sewn together with metallic.

Books that frame

Book Arts: Things to do With a Book Besides Read

“Tower of Babel” by Argentinian artist Marta Minujin is a seven story tall sculptural structure covered in 30,000 books from all over the world. The tower resides in Plaza San Martin in Buenos Airies, and celebrates the city’s nomination as World Book Capital 2011 by UNESCO. On May 28, The Tower of Babel will be disassembled and the books will be given away to the public.

Giant Tower of Babel Sculpture Made of 30,000 Books

Tower using 30000 Books The Argentinian artist Marta Minujin built in Buenos Aires this massive tower made up of books, referring to the nomination of Buenos Aires by UNESCO like world capital of the book in 2011

"Make a Stool Using Old Magazines, Two Belts, and a Pillow" *No. Stools are not that expensive. It takes just one step on that things for glossy magazines to slide.