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My best quotes featuring all of my favourite motivating and inspiring quotes, sayings and mantras which help keep me motivated everyday.


Enjoy these 15 inspirational quotes to start your day off feeling motivated and positive. We all need to put our mindset right, and words can do that.

31 Fantastic And Inspirational Quotes For Bravery And Determination

31 Fantastic and Inspirational Quotes for Bravery and Determination Get out there and make your dream. Excel in whatever you can.Give it to yourself.Be

New month, New goals - Your Ultimate Guide for Creating & Crusing goals

New month, new goals - are you ready? Learn how to create killer goals that you'll crush this month, plus get inspiration you need to stay motivated.

My Friend the Oak (Saving Our Trees and the Environment)

This poem tells the life story of any oak tree as progress and development encroaches on its environment.

40+ Motivational Quotes When Life Is Getting you Down

Feeling stuck in a rut? Down and blue? Read these 40+ quotes get you motivated when your life is dragging you down.

100 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes of All Time! (64)

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60 Top Motivational Quotes That Will Inspire You to Be an Outstanding Leader

Inspiring, motivational quotes to help you become a better leader, a better boss...and maybe even a better person.

Ernest Hemingway Quotes

Enjoy the best of Ernest Hemingway quotes. Quotes by Ernest Hemingway, Author. Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut. There is no friend as loyal as a book. Courage is grace under pressure. The first...

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The Worriers Guide To Blogging #2 — From Roses

Last year I wrote a post called 'The Worriers Guide To Blogging' and I looked back at it not too long ago and felt like I held back quite a lot. So today I wanted to share some of the regular thoughts that I think we all face from time to time and I know they're the things that probably none of us wants to admit to having but they come up and they can make you feel so alone and rubbish.

Practice Gratitude, Be Intentional Quotes

Comforting words & inspiring quotes to get you through these uncertain & stressful times. Download these wallpapers some extra positivity in your life.

Self care quotes for feminine women to inspire your self care plan. Best quotes and ideas about taki

Start taking better care of yourself! These brilliant self care quotes are sure to inspire self love and your new self care plan. Pin them to your personal development boards now.