blue jean purse

Small bag made from sewing the bottom part of one of the legs from a pair of jeans. Would be cute for a little girl's purse.

Aus Alt mach Neu


a great way to recycle jeans, and scrap fabric, into purse and I like the use of the jeans pockets.

Jeanstasche mit langen Schlaufen

blue jean bag kind a cute for the guy, I think it would be fun with the pair of boxers at the the pants hanging down style.

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DIY Jeans Storage Bag

Old jeans, new storage boxes! Don't throw away those old jeans. Or find great jeans at Thrift. Turn them into cute storage boxes!

chrissibag: Jeanstasche - cool, groß, anders!

A pretty easy to do, by the looks of it giant denim blue Jean tote bag!

Tasche aus alter Jeans

I've been wanting to make a bag with a rollover top, so this is a little inspiration. Link leads to instructions.