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Calisthenics | Bodyweighttraining | Fitness

Calisthenics - the nicest way to get insanely strong. It is great to say, what your very own body is capable of if you are putting in the work. Calisthenics is…
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This article will show you warning signs that you are running too much #running #cardio #tired #focusfitness
THE DANGER OF HEELED FOOTWEAR  wearing a shoe with an elevated heel might seem harmless but it has real effects on your posture upstream. These postural changes change how your body moves by making certain muscles more dominant (quads especially) and others weak (glutes)  Over time heeled footwear is a big culprit for knee problems and tight ankles so avoid them whenever you can. Finding a zero drop flat shoe can be quite difficult but taking the time to find one makes a massive difference in yo
#Repost @thefootcollective with @get_repost Mindful walking . One of the best ways to offset the sitting you do on a daily basis is to practice mindful walking. Instead of just walking think about how youre walking the quality of your walking stride and the overall feel of it Things to think about while walking: Extend your hips letting them follow though. Use the glutes each stride to push you forward as the hip extends (this is what is supposed to happen) walk quietly trying not to smash your

Cardio & Running

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Calisthenics Fortgeschrittenen Core Workout zum Ausprobieren    Falls Dir das zu schwer ist findest Du einen Einsteigertrainingsplan auf Kevinjuehlke.de
Want you build an awesome home gym? Here are the essential calisthenics equipment you need to add to your DYI home gym equipment collection! Cheap and efficient!  #calisthenics #homegym #dyi #gym #fitness #training
Not sure where to start with parallette training? Try this routine

Workout Knowledge

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The pistol squat is a great bodyweight exercise for building massive leg strength along with balance and mobility. Here's a unique approach.
Ido Portal's Floreiro Project learn about it in Antraniks comprehenisve Blogpost. ----------------------------------- Ido Portal's Floreiro Projekt erfahre davon in Antraniks Blogpost und schaue auf Ido's altem Blog vorbei.
Best bodyweight exercises for men and for women interested in fat burning, losing weight and strength training, easy to include in beginner or advanced workout routines at home or the gym and fitness regimens to build muscle and shape the body for a lean sculpted physique. #bodyweight #exercises #beginners #buildmuscle #loseweight #formen #forwomen #strengthtraining

Train your Legs

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Handstände - Teil 1 - Schultern. . Also für alle die sich das anschauen und gehen ich ...
Dieser tolle Beitrag von Antranik ist wohl der ausführlichste Guide um einen Handstand sicher zu erreichen.  Er verlinkt viele Drills und Übungen, mit denen man voranschreiten kann.  Es ist eine lange und oftmals nicht lineare Reise - dafür ist ein sicherer freier Handstand sehr belohnend als Ziel.  Und damit hört es auch nicht auf, wenn es Dir Spaß macht die Welt anders herum zu sehen!
Ein toller Guide von Eliannah auf dem langen Weg zu einer Straddle Press to Handstand. Aber, wenn man einen schwierigen Skill runterbicht findet man immer etwas wo dran man anfangen kann dran zu arbeiten. Hooyah!


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There is no doubt the power of pushups can and will get you into fantastic shape with consistency. Maybe you’re nervous about diving straight into a workout program? Doing pushups frequently will improve your fitness level, it’s a great practice to start.
FOREARM Workout | Top 3 Exercises For SIZE & STRENGTH #Forearm #ArmExercises

Everything 'Push'

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Are you struggling to understand the primary energy pathways and how the body uses the energy formed from each system? Here’s a quick breakdown of the phosphagen, anaerobic and aerobic pathways that fuel the body through all types of activity.
Sleep is important!  Even more important than you might think. I recently woke up on this topic by reading Dr. Matthew Walkers great book.  In this post I share my insights with you and emphasize why you should prioritize sleep properly. There is much to gain. #sleep
Exercises for a healthy rotator cuff!

Improve Recovery

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How to L-Sit - Defintitve Guide by GMB Fitness
Starke Schultern: Funktionale Bewegungen die Sie in Ihre
Yoga Workout For Flexibility For Beginners

Mobility & Flexibility

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Gymnastic Rings are the single greatest piece of equipment you can buy to up your calisthenics training.  If that isn't a big promise, I don't know what is. Through their instability they offer a completely different stimulus and surface to train on and make even the easier exercises incredibly hard.  Wanna know more? You know what to do, mate!  #gymnasticrings #gymnastics #workoutequipment #workout #training #calisthenics
Learn all about my favorite equipment and brands - the stuff I use daily and can recommend to anyone. Most of these pieces, like my beloved gymnastic rings wholly transformed my practice and can transform yours, too! Check them out. #workoutequipment #myfavorites #calisthenics

Useful Equipment

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Calisthenics is all about your own body and functional strength. What that precisely means can be different for anyone.   Its beauty lies in its simplicity and functionality. Many movement tax a broad range of joints and need very little equipment.  Here you'll learn everything to start successfully! #calisthenics #functionalfitness #strengthtraining #skilltraining #bodyweighttraining
Pullup Variations for Calisthenics

All things 'Pull'

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Looking for your caffeine fix on the cheap? Find out where you can get cheap caffeine sources and other money saving tips with expert tips from CentSai.
Nutrition X Creatine
You know creatine is beneficial for strength and power output. But you probably aren't familiar with these lesser-known benefits and effects...

The best Supplements

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