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Calisthenics: Strength Training | Get Strong!

This board teaches you all the concepts about strength training and explains certain strength exercises within the realm of calisthenics and bodyweight…
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Progressions and Regressions exist to make your life easier when training for a specific skill - like a front lever.  They should create a level for everyone to work at with the superior goal in mind by making an exercise easier or harder.  No one started with a full planche on day one. The journey takes years - and that's where progressions come into play!  #calisthenics #progressions #regressions #skilltraining #workoutprogramming
The Squat is an ancient human movement pattern and there are many reasons why you should use them regularly.  Say Sayonara to your back pain, improve hip mobility, work more efficient at the ground and build healthy legs - just to name a few benefits.  Let's get at this move!  #squat #fitness #mobility #calisthenics
You unlocked pistols and look for a way to further complicate this movemnt? Don't look any further and have a look at the impressive looking dragon squats!

Leg Strength

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Calisthenics workout for men and for women! A 45 min full body callisthenic workout routine for beginners. "Without pain there can be no victory!" so build that muscle with calisthenics!
Pullups are one staple of every calisthenics session or pull workout. Nonetheless, in itself they are a tough exercise and need dedication t be build up.  We'll look at the best way, how one should look like and variations in this post.  #calisthenics #pull #strengthtraining #pullup

Pulling Strength

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Push ups a very easy to do callisthenic workout routine you can do everyday at home. Work on a a push up challenge in 30 days! Check out this beginners guide on how to get better and perfect your form in different types of push ups!
Learning a handstand can be hard. Especially when using the most common kickup and pray approach. Unfortunately this is the worst approach to take. Learn about the 3 best exercises that helped me get rid of the fear of being inverted, build up strength and teach me how to balance from my hands. #handbalance #handstand #calisthenics
Learning to stand on your hands is hard. It's frustrating and a long journey - we'll talk probably years here of dedicated work. At least until one masters the two arm handstand in all its forms.  Nonetheless, everybody who want can start somewhere and built up to this effortlessly looking move. Try this routine with my favourite beginner exercises to learn the handstand.  From 0 to Free.  #handstands #learningahandstand #calisthenics

Pushing Strength

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