12 Days of Handmade Gifts: Day ELEVEN, Heather from Feathers Flights // handmade maxi wrap skirt I remember making this skirt in a shorter version that also worked as a strapless dress.

Elsa Coronation tutorial by demonic-black-cat.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Detailed and very clever, Elsa Coronation cape pattern and Wig Tutorial from demonic-black-cat on DeviantArt.

Fabrik der Träume: Kostenlose Nähanleitung und Schnittmuster für ein Damen Wickelshirt

Materials: * Knit fabric (Fabric width: 150 cm - 60 in) - 140 cm in) ( Size 0 4 ) - 145 cm in) ( Size 0 6 ) -

The Rockstar bag

The Rockstar bag

Referenced for the straps. Sewing pattern for this 'Rockstar' bag. Looks fab in every possible combination of fabrics. The perfect purse sewing pattern. Check out the slide show for lots of examples to inspire you to sew this bag.