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• H e r b s t k r a n z • super schnell & einfach gemacht 🍁
a green wreath with white berries and greenery on the front is hung on a wall
someone holding a wreath with greenery on it
a white plate topped with an olive branch and green glass beaded ornament
Tischdeko zu Weihnachten: Über 100 Ideen und DIY-Anleitungen
a basket filled with lots of different items on top of a table next to candles
Adventskalender: 250+ Geschenkideen für Kids 2-12J!
a person cutting paper with scissors on top of it next to some flowers and boxes
Last minute – DIY Calendrier de l’avent
an advert for the adventure shop with small christmas trees in black paper bags and corkscrews
Adventskalender Ideen für Erwachsene
Minimal Plant Table Centre Piece | Table Dressing | Summer Table Dressing | Minimal Decor
candles are lit in small glass vases with berries on them
Website Deactivated
Christmas candles.
a white box with a black pine tree on it's front and back side
Kikisoso Letterpress
Evergreen 'Walking Trees' - Letterpress Christmas card / Kikisoso Letterpress