Res Choice 3D process by *jermilex on deviantART - 3D Typography Design Modelling

Res Choice process by *jermilex on deviantART - Typography Design Modelling. Nice little process piece. Good to see how he sets up his lighting using proxy objects to speed render time and puts in the detailed objects later.

árbol de papel

Make DIY modern christmas trees to decorate for Holidays. Holidays crafts like crafting Christmas trees using paper, fabric, cones, jewelry, burlap and

Mario diorama!I'm totally decorating their room with Mario, something like this would look great on the wall!

Awesome Paper Mario: Sticker Star dioramas, crafted by Gigi DG (top) and Finchiekins the Owl (bottom) for Nintendo’s recent contest

Build a fully customizable miniature town - complete with buildings, roads, signs, trees, and much more. Great for learning about spacial relationships and stimulating social role play. Also PERFECT for your unit on communities! $

Interactive Play: Table-Top Town

Build a fully customizable miniature town - complete with buildings, roads…

Tree / Arbre | Pearltrees

Buy Low Poly Trees, Bushes and Firs Pack by on This pack includes 5 models of Trees, 5 models of Bushes, 5 models of Firs. All of the models are low poly.

Você já desejou poder ser um herói de quadrinhos? É fácil graças à peculiar e criativa marca conhecida como Coming Soon!

Criando sua história em quadrinhos 3D por Coming Soon!