mesh flats

I am so enamoured with these mesh flats sent to me by Cheap Monday! They are very futuristic–more like a shell than a shoe. I particularly like the lime green. I call them the Zorak shoes.


This is a creepy photo manipulation. Just thinking about a hand coming out of the bottom eyelid gives me the chills. I really like the detail work of this. the shadowing behind the hand is done really well.


Crazy big eyes makeup- idea for Cheshire Cat. Change to cat eyes. So creepy yet awesome

Ear earring

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Creepy iPhone Case

Omniscient Siri by SaGa Design is an iPhone case inspired by Apple’s Siri digital assistant. The case won the design category in a competition to determine what Siri looks like, hosted by rapid manufacturing website Shapeways.


If God had wanted us to wear high heels, don't you think He would have made our feet to look like this? This foot is creepy and haunts me every time I see someone in heels.