Laundry Room Wall Hangings  LOVE LOVE LOVE A must do

Laundry Room Wall Hangings, Neat idea, so tired of all the loose change around the house.


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Laundry Room

It all Comes Out in the Wash - Stick on Wall Art Laundry Signs - Laundry Room Wall Decal - Laundry Room Decor Wall Sticker- WB009


One of my friends has it in her laundry/basement bath and it really looks good. Have used it in a showhouse laundry room. If I scoop laundry detergent from a glass jar does it make it more fun to fold the clothes?


I would love to have this one in my laundry room! Laundry Schedule Laundry Room Decor Laundry Sign by DeenasDesign

laundry room with folding counter, simple cabinets and TV to watch while folding and ironing - perfection!

TV in the laundry room. Maybe I would actually fold clothes in the laundry room instead of on the dining room table so I can see the TV.