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Surrender at Red Post Collection: 2015 Season End Sale, Kindred Community Creations, Teemo + Karthus disabled on OfA, & more!

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Botlane against Blitzcrank/Vayne.

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League of Legends

Story of my life:  League of Legends.

Yep, this pretty much nails it! :-s This is me everyday at the moment!

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League of Legends : Our Vel'koz | Their Vel'koz

League of Legends : Our Vel'koz

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They see me Rollin.... They hatin'....

this is how the militant reformers protect country.:) this is funny but in logic without them,nation wont be with peaceful.

The Lion King meets League of Legends - Mufasa teaches Simbarashe the importance of ward placement.

Annie Build Guide : Annie - The Professional Mid Carry :: League of Legends Strategy Builds

SO MANY QUADRAS THOUGH. My pent as either get stolen or were never part of the fight to begin with because they are too scared to FACE MY FISTS

Sigh best I ever got was a triple but sadly the two other champs are rammas and a 900000 health malphite