Crochet + t-shirts = rug. This would take quite some time & effort, but the effect is so lovely!

DIY Old T-shirt Crochet Rug. This is certainly a new twist on the usual crocheted t-shirt rug, and worth a try!

Re-do an old t-shirt

Fix an old t shirt making it a pillow case tank top shirt. Use wider stretch fabric for the straps to make a comfortable way to hide those bra straps and stay cool during the summer

Upcycle wine bottles. Cut bottle & fill with wax & wick! Easy DIY

To cut glass bottles.Wrap string around area you want cut, five times. Hold together, slide off, soak in nail polish remover for five minutes. Put back on, light on fire over sink. Comes off in seconds.

"angezogene" Ikea Tasche

L wie Lila: Probenähen! Ich durfte zum ertsen Mal auch mal ran! timatanowadai weekly20130703hako.html timatanowadai weekly20130703hako.html

新聞紙1枚で作るゴミ箱No.10(1) - YouTube

新聞紙1枚で作るゴミ箱No.10(1) - YouTube


Aus alt mach neu: Alte Schätze neu interpretiert!

Upcycling - aus ALT mach NEU

Upcycling - aus ALT mach NEU

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