DIY Scarves Hanger – Aufhängung für Schals

All you need is a clothes hanger and a couple of those thingies with which yo.

DIY Glittery Vodka Bottle – Glitzernde Wodkaflasche

My best friend has been collecting Absolut Vodka bottles for years and has got himself a pretty large collection by now.

DIY Pinboard for Jewellery – Schmuckpinnwand

You've got many earrings or necklaces but only ever wear two or three because the rest is hidden and tangled in a box? Here's a very easy way to display your je.

DIY Starlight Lamps – Sternenhimmellampen

I have been wanting to make these lamps for ten years. The lamps are a combination .

DIY Tights Display Hanger – Strumpfhosenaufhänger

For years I had all my tights – thick and thin ones – in a big drawer. Treasures on the .

Autumn Pencil Holders – Herbstliche Stiftehalter

Autumn Pencil Holders – Herbstliche Stiftehalter

DIY Nagellackregal – Nail Polish Shelves

Okay, yes, I've got a few bottles of nail polish. Since I made this video, I've bought about ten new ones because KIKO is my nail polish heaven and I had to r.

DIY Stiftehalter

I came across the idea here , but I wanted to go more seasonal with the paper. By using magnets, I can change the paper in autumn or for Christmas without dest.

DIY Picture Frames

I'd bought this gorgeous autumn-y crafting papers and thought, 'Why not put them into frames? The only problem was that the frames didn't look pr.

DIY Magnettafel – Magnet Board

I've had a magnet board on the wall above my bed for a while now, but it quickly became too small for all the lovely postcards that I got.