Carrot Cupcakes

A colleague once made these cupcakes, and I just couldn’t stop EATING! I had to get the recipe and make them for myself.

Baked Apples with Sweet Chestnuts

Baked Apple with Sweet Chestnuts (original recipe by Edeka My version: Maronen / sweet chestnuts 4 Äpfel / apples gemahlene Mandel.

Tights Display Hanger

For years I had all my tights – thick and thin ones – in a big drawer. Treasures on the .

Starlight Lamps

I have been wanting to make these lamps for ten years. The lamps are a combination .

Christmas Cards 2013

Yes, it's that time of the year again: Christmas is coming; and it is coming fast! I have crafted Christmas cards for a couple of years now for my friends and f.

Magnet Board

I've had a magnet board on the wall above my bed for a while now, but it quickly became too small for all the lovely postcards that I got.

Sanny's Tacos

or rather Sanny's Mum's Taco Recipe. It's funny how you reminisce about a dish.