Word Animals :)

Word Animals

Funny pictures about Animals In Words. Oh, and cool pics about Animals In Words. Also, Animals In Words photos.


- STREET ART from Olsztyn, Poland, with a little bit of humor / By Adam Łokuciejewski and Szymon Czarnowski / Have a nice day!

Nice #infographic about how you should behave. #type #typography

Designed by Me And Mister Jones - a husband and wife creative duo, Fanny Khoo and Tom Merckx.

London Jazz Festival

London Jazz Festival 2009 poster by London-based studio IWANT Design. multiple colors, textures, and transparencies on black

The Jacu bird is known for eating coffee cherries. The coffee beans come out perfectly processed and are the most exclusive in the world. This story inspired the new Micro-Roastery in Alesund, Norway. Result: great Brand Design, remarkable story!

Jacu Coffee Roastery - Visual identity/Branding by Tom Emil Olsen. Look at how they doubled up the stamp pads, smart.

What to do with your money?

20 Cool Examples of Dollar Bill Origami

Money Origami Koi Instructions VIDEO PART 1 . Great news guys, the money origami koi videos are now ready, and here is the first one!

Studio Constantine is a graphic design studio based in Melbourne. To attract new prospects, the graphics team designed a two-coloured booklet that exposes the case studies that combines artistic and conceptual approach.

Studio Constantine: Stationery and Promotional Materials Format_ Various Method_ Offset Colours_ Pantone Red 32 & 540 Stock_ Saxton Smooth Brilliant White & Precision, various weights

Hidden Characters, two young graphic designers based in Budapest, were asked by Solar Decathlon Team of the Budapest University (BME) to create the visual identity of Odooproject.      With Odooproject BME joins The Solar Decathlon Competition, an international innovation competition between the best universities all over the world. The goal is to popularize the usage of solar energy in architectural solutions.    Maybe changing logo's are boring, unless they are used right.

Identity design for Odooproject, Solar Decathlon team of Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Small hand-carved wooden sculptures show fantastic shadows,   by artist and scientist John V. Muntean

It’s amazing how just a twitch of perspective can allow you to see something completely different. Magic Angle Sculpture: Horse Coyote Elephant in Maple with Wax finish by J.

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