Garderobe mit einklappbaren Haken

Dit ontwerp van Patrick Séha voor het Belgische label PER/USE, Piano, is een veelzijdige garderobe en kapstok met inklapbare haken van eik o.

Residence in Herk-de-Stad Belgium by Iglesias Leenders Bylois architecten

Best Ideas For Modern House Design : – Picture : – Description Woning HV by Iglesias Leenders Bylois architecten


Actually I was trying to get this colour on our bach but it came out more army green. Its hard to know with test pots also lots of light falls on the frontage


Image 8 of 25 from gallery of Glebe House / Nobbs Radford Architects. Courtesy of Nobbs Radford Architects

Paratelier, Palmela, Portugal, Zé Home, Leonardo Paiella, Monica Ravazzolo, Leonardo Finotti

Raffiniert umfunktioniert: Nachhaltiges Bauen in Portugal

The staircase inside a concrete house in Portugal. Photograph by Leonardo Finotti.

The building constructor appointed the architect to realise attractive living space for rented apartments at this location. Diverse variations were considere.