Anger Management Activities

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Stacy 'Klug' Budzinsky
Top 10 Angry Child Sensory Hacks | These are perfect for my calming corner and my sensory tools basket!

Sensory Hacks to Calm an Angry Child

If you have a child that has trouble controlling their temper, you know exactly how hard it can be to calm them down. These 10 Sensory Hacks are perfect!

Anger choice cards. ideas of ways to cool down so students have a choice to get them calm and back on task. #visuals #anger

Free Anger Choice Cards for the Classroom - Choices for What to Do When You're Angry - Anger Managem

These cards were created for use in the classroom for students to use when they are angry, frustrated, irritated, or upset. We teach students that it is ok to feel these emotions, but that they need to express them "appropriately." A lot of students don't have the social backgrounds or cultural unde...

Test Prep- Remind students that they are in control by making a video game controller and writing best test taking strategies on various buttons!!

3rd Grade Test Prep!

This week I have been visiting third grade classrooms to do lessons on strategies for success on the SOLs. Third grade students will be taking the SOLs for the first time starting May 13th. Some of them shared that they are feeling scared, nervous, worried, excited, etc. The goal of this lesson is to build their confidence and give them strategies to help them do their best. The lesson is titled "You're In Control". We started by watching this video: Next, we moved on to identifying…

Why I Will Never Use a Behavior Chart Again

Why I Will Never Use a Behavior Chart Again

Students are stressed more than ever. Sometimes that stress is manifested in the form of impulsive outbursts, anger, meltdowns, crying, yelling, arguing, or other types of emotional release. Kids don't always know what to do with all of that strong emotion and teachers and parents can not always drop everything to help. Kids must learn to recognize and regulate their own emotions, particularly strong emotions. This article discusses encouraging children to manage and regulate their own…

A Not So Wimpy Teacher's Behavior Management Manual: Primary daily Report: Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light-STOP!

Primary daily Report: Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light-STOP!

Daily reports are an easy way to provide younger students with behavioral support. This is a quick intervention that helps to monitor dail...

Free Coping Skills Download and New Counseling Games and Activities! - The Helpful Counselor | The Helpful Counselor

Coping skills activities for kids

18 easy and low to no cost coping skills...great ideas for overwhelmed kids and teens.

Recreation Therapy Ideas: January 2013

Recreation Therapy Ideas

This is a good art therapy project for a variety of groups... Material: Magazines Scissors Glue Construction Paper Description: Have patients find a picture that starts with each letter of the alphabet. Glue this picture onto the construction paper. This may be done individually, with a partner, or in a group. After the collages are made, share them with the group. Discuss what pictures each person found and why they chose that particular picture. Discuss what letters were difficult…

Planning a K counseling lesson around this, includes negative coping strategies and recommends positive ones

When I Get Mad

The Corner on Character, for engaging and authentic character-development, integration and infusion ideas and activities.