Kristian Nekrasov

Kristian Nekrasov

Kristian Nekrasov
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Sparcity, a future dystopian city-state surrounded by a mysterious no man’s land called The Stretch… Ancient mysticism on a collision course with advanced quantum technology… A ruling elite of government ministers vying for power… All-pervasive technology distracting the populace from the cancers of overpopulation and environmental collapse… Rebels from The Stretch infiltrating the city… Against this backdrop, a corrupt shaman, a computer scientist, a clairvoyant prostitute, a contract…

A proof-of-concept trailer to illustrate the characters, story, world, and tone of the sci-fi thriller series SPARCITY.


Your Movie Persona: Jules Winnfield. You’re the sort of person who’s usually as cool as a cucumber no matter how difficult the situation. Basically, you’re a bad motherfucker.


Ms, Recovery, Qoutes, Survival Tips


This piece is by Daniel Bragin, who was born in Moscow but lives and works in London and Amsterdam. The title of the work is ‘Proposal for Russian Olympic Cycling Team a statement about the New, emerging Russia.