Konstantinos Panagiotidis

Konstantinos Panagiotidis

Konstantinos Panagiotidis
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Terrible la bague qui tire des 22 rifle... je veux la même Plus

Gun Ring - Ca. - was originally designed for ladies. (I read they got very hot after firing. and given the way people move their hands around, I would think wearing a loaded weapon on your finger would not be a very good idea.) MY KINDA JEWELRY

How to Create Vegetal Mask Step by step in Illustrator CC

This project is an explanation step by step of the illustration "Vegetal Mask" from the project I realized with Victor Vergara, Elemental Masks.

Street art by Dran

Meet Dran, the amazing street artist who has been called the French Banksy. From poverty to environmental destruction, Dran takes on contemporary civilization through his fantastic art.

Ensure you hit your mark every time with the four barrel combination gun. Ideal for collectors and gun enthusiasts, this customized rifle gives the shooter the...

This is an antique, German combination gun (according to the OP) that appears to have several gauges of ammo, like a rifle, shotgun, and pistol bullets. The flourish designs on the gun are beautiful as well.