Plantings, benches and chess board in The Park office complex, Prague, Czech Republic by Cigler Marani Architects. Click image for link to full profile and visit the boards >>

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Grassy mounds (Lima, Peru) very similar to my group's proposal for Perth project! Sajutos ka tur jau esmu :)

Galería de Invasión Verde / Genaro Alva, Claudia Ampuero, Denise Ampuero, Gloria Rojas - 1

An impromptu park is part of Peru’s Gran Semana de Lima (Lima’s Great Week) offering urban dwellers a welcome greenspace. The Invasion Verde art installation features recycled tires, plastic sculptures, grassy mounds, seating areas, and flowers.

Kühle #Farbpalette, Kühle Sommerfarben, grau, blau, schwazr, Farbinspiration // ©

Kühle #Farbpalette, Kühle Sommerfarben, grau, blau, schwazr, Farbinspiration // ©

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I really like tha contrast of the landscape rock; the design layout makes the white rock look like a river. Royce E. Pollard Japanese Friendship Garden on Clark College Campus -Vancouver, WA;

Prize: Lageplan Campus West

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