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Sci-Fi Cyborg and Creature Art by Ali Zafati

Check out this amazing collection of sci-fi and fantasy CG art featuring several different cyborg and creature designs. The illustrations were created by artist Ali Zafati, and I thought you might like them, so here ya go.

Eine japanische Firma bietet auf Amazon einen Kampfläufer zum Verkauf an | WIRED Germany

The Kuratas robot suit weighs 5 tons and can reach top speeds of 10 kilometers per hour. The robot also has BB Gatling gun that is capable of firing rounds per minute.

ArtStation - Sci-Fi Costume Design in ZBrush - with Luca Nemolato, Luca Nemolato

In this lecture, Luca Nemolato shares his creative pipeline for the design of a futuristic sci-fi costume. Using the myriad techniques and software that he has learned during his career, Luca begins his concept in ZBrush, showing the power of designing in