DIY Geometric Wood Flooring

The Nugget: DIY Geometric Wood Flooring for $80!

Stone set on a glass sheet that is lit red by LED lighting-- For the ultimate game of the floor is lava!!

Stone set inside glass with a red LCD screen. The floor looks like lava,. Lol don't touch the floor. Dear Santa Stone set inside glass with a red LCD screen The floor looks like lava Lol don't touch the

"Tapis" carreaux de ciment - La touche d'Agathe - Sols et…

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Here's a great way to update those wood floors in the kitchen! A rug cut into the wood floor!

GEN geometric 3D wall coverings for Harmony by Peronda by Dsignio

Adjustable Geometric Wall Coverings by Dsignio

geometric wall covering - Committing to a paint color or a wallpaper can lead to a regret few like dealing with; thus the geometric wall covering that makes up the GEN colle.

OTAKU GANGSTA, whoooo bright lighting beneath stuff? interesting idea for benches within the exhibition?

likeafieldmouse: “ Christian Herdeg - Step-On - aluminum block, argon light tube ”

Luminous Power-Harnessing Tiles

Luminous Power-Harnessing Tiles

Luminous Power-Harnessing Tiles - The Sustainable Dance Floor Feeds Off of Kinetic Energy to Glow (GALLERY)

Candles from Cire Trudon, the oldest candle store.

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