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Chalkboard paint for office. Small chalkboard and two small linen lace covered corkboards for under shelf.

Wedding DIY luminary centerpieces - thanks Jessica!!! honeysuckle83

how to make a volia candle holder Add cold water to a balloon. Dip balloon into hot wax. Leave to cool. Prick balloon and carefully remove. Add a small tea light and voila - your very own home-made luminier

make wax luminaries //willowday

Balloon Wax Luminaries: Make these delicate wax candleholders by melting candle wax then dipping the balloon in the wax to the halfway point. Let it dry, and then pop the balloon as the final step.

Cityscape chalkboard boxes - - using recyclables to create fun chalkboard boxes.  Cut/open juice and milk cartons, wash them thoroughly, cover in adhesive chalkboard or chalkboard paint --- and doodling away!  info found here:

cityscape chalkboard boxes