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Hauntingly Grim Photoseries

The Dark Queen and Light Queen need to meet every year, to balance one another. But when the "Light" King messes with that tradition, the Dark Queen goes unhinged and starts wrecking havoc

Celestial Dreams

The storms were endlessly rising. endlessly trying to strip away our peace. so we became a bigger storm. This is kinda hot.

The Veiled Bride. I think she might be some mythological figure for Chorostonia...not sure what her story is yet. -Lainey

Ghosts were not bad, and Emily knew this. Though when the queen of the dead came to visit her in her dreams.she knew something was wrong.

pverlaine: versailles, 15th april. - marieantoinettesplayhouse

Open w/ Kit)) I rubbed my eyes and leaned on the window, waiting for this to be over already. Call me antisocial but I really did despise crowds, and loud spaces. I'd pretty much fallen asleep when I heard your voice.

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Blonde Fairy by Julia Popova . I hope you enjoy Fairyland. You will find all of the inhabitants of Fairyland by clicking on the image.