pfeife rauchen

Man walking dog and smoking pipe. Nice way to use on a wall that has a hole. ~Me Art by Sandrine Estrade Boulet. [This looks like it ought to be a Banksy.

Schönes Streetart-Projekt aus Mainz (yay!) von Timm Schneider, der sich ein paar Krümelmonster-Augen anfertigte (Bild #13) und damit gewöhnliche Alltagsgegenstände wie Mülleimer, Briefkästen oder Urinale zum Leben erweckt – so simpel wie genial: „Wonderful Streetart by german designer Timm Schneider, who turns trash cans, coffee cups, and street posts into goofy cartoon faces.“ ___ [via] Facebook Comments:

Garbage want cookie! Om nom nom Sesame Street art using styrofoam balls to make Cookie Monster from a recycling bin. Check out more of Timm Schneider’s object modifications here.

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(link) STREET ART: From a Chalk Street Art Project of college students in the Philippines. ~~~ socks and sneakers / child / kid knees / pipes ~ for more great PINs w/good links visit ~ have fun!

Pulp Street, Beery Method

Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie as Jules Winnfield und Vincent Vega of Pulp Fiction. An artwork by Beery Method. The funny illustration is avai

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