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I'll be down to eat in just a minute, mum!! -weighs self- Uhm, on second thought.. I'm not hungry.

Cathrin Dunbar was 22 when she died of anorexia nervosa the play is told mainly in her and her family's words it explains Cathrin and her families struggle through her illness and all the family difficulties around the time of her illness.

Control. Control. Control.

This looks like my own food book. I wright everything down, from diary - tips and tricks, and add thinsporation and motivation :).

Now I won't say that I know much about eating disorders, but i do know that the body needs food to survive, to be healthy and thrive. food is not the enemy here!

It's called tea to start the day. Just relax with a cup of hot tea in the morning for 10 minutes, even it I woke up late and my day is rushed. Then tea in the afternoon, and early evening. It's my tea time ritual, a mini meditation, you could say.