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a white house with stairs leading up to the front door and side windows on either side
13-02- Agrandissement vitré d'une maison en pierre à Clohars-Carnoët
two steps leading up to a wooden door in front of a building with shingled roof
studio johannes | lukas - Projekt A1 | Z 91
the house is made out of concrete and has two large windows on each side of it
Casa Rio by Paulo Merlini Architects
an empty room with concrete steps leading up to it
Statischer Balanceakt - Einfamilienhaus von Reuter Raeber Architekten bei Basel
an empty room with concrete and glass walls
Leibal — House in Riehen
some wood is laying on the floor and in front of a window with an open frame
Einfach auflegen: So einfach renovierst du deine Fensterbank
a house with a metal roof on top of a hill next to trees and bushes
Dach na podwójny rąbek stojący z blachy tytan-cynk
Oficjalny punkt celny, zbudowany w 1892 roku w miejscowości Hammerhavn na wyspie Bornholm, został odnowiony i przekształcony w dom mieszkalny. Architekt: Algrin Arkitekter, Virum, Dania Dach: podwójny rąbek stojący #dom #mieszkalny #bornholm #zabytek #dach #blacha #rąbek #patyna #rheinzink #cynk #tytancynk
a living room with brick walls and a large black fire place in the center, surrounded by blue couches
Experimental duplex design in Brooklyn by WORKac
a modern kitchen with wood floors and an open fire place in the center is shown
Vom Funken zum Feuer
an image of a staircase in the middle of a room with white walls and floors
Casa C-51 by Ábaton Arquitectura
a white house sitting on top of a lush green field
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