damien hirst

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there is a statue made out of rocks
Coral encrusted statue, Damien Hirst, Venice 2017
a sculpture made out of metal and corals on top of a black surface with a gray background
a sculpture made out of various types of corals
a sculpture made out of various objects in front of a brick wall and flooring
Могут ли аквариумные декорации стоить миллионы долларов?
three stained glass windows on the wall in an empty room with wood flooring and white walls
Damien Hirst butterfly painting dazzles at Cleveland Museum of Art
three paintings hanging on the wall next to each other
DAMIEN HIRST | CAST A LONG SHADOW | Contemporary Art Evening Auction | 2020 | Sotheby's
an abstract painting with blue and yellow colors
two colorful birds sitting on top of a tree branch in front of a black background
Red Bird and Parrot with Shark Jaw by Damien Hirst on artnet
a painting of birds and vases on a table
an abstract painting with flowers and butterflies in the water, on a black background that has white polka dots
a bird sitting on top of a table next to a window covered in rain drops
an abstract painting of a man's face on a dark blue background with white dots
Artist's Self-Portraits - part 2
a close up of a person with rings on their fingers and hands in front of his face
Damien Hirst in Lazaro Jewelry on Sotheby's At Auction Cover