leading the way,to heaven

Lotus flowers leading up to glorious angel of light. Spiritual progress is made in steps. DK Seattle pinner said

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Money sticks to me with ease like glue. Money is magnetically drawn to me. Money shows up out of unexpected sources in my life always every day! Every day I find and receive big money. It just comes to me out of many ways and sources

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One of the most fun things to do when the snow starts falling is to build a snowman. Although, for the more creative people out there, a snowman may just be too easy. These master sculptors made some amazing things out of snow!

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A selection of Children's fantasy illustrations oriented towards the pink princess market including posters, book covers and jigsaws.

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I am a powerful, wise, blessed, beautiful money magnet. I am loved and loving. I am generous and kind. I am joyful and abundant in every way!