DIY Can Lamp. I think the bottom is covered with a yogurt lid? And filled with a small strand of some cheap Christmas lights? :) Two of these on either side of my headboard would rock!

Recycle Old Tin Canisters Creatively

Beautiful And Artsy DIY Firefly Lamp- would be a great thing for reading and writing, or even a special romantic nightlight

flower pot houses. great for a fairy garden. not a diy but a good idea for creating with the use of Fimo for doors perhaps

Flower Pot Houses - Where do gnomes and garden fairies live? Nestle this flower pot house among plants to provide them safe this idea!

habe einen Luftballon genommen. Den habe ich aufgeblasen und dann mit Schnell-Zement übergossen. Da muss man schnell sein und auch immer wieder den Zement nach nach oben spachteln. Die Farben sind außen Rost und innen Gold.  Die Farben sind von Dupli-Color Effect..

douse with quick-cement. You have to be fast and always filling the cement to the top. The colors are rust outside and inside gold. The colors are from Dupli-Color Effect