carved stamp

Rubber stamp carved stamp Totoro hand-made stamp Lovely Kitty Hand Carved Rubber Stamp

TO DO: Create my own foam stamp blocks...cut shapes, glue to wooden blocks, ink, print....very kid friendly, too....

Print PINs idea Making foam stamp blocks using self-adhesive craft foam and wooden blocks. Great for kids (and adults too!

diy - stamps & patterns.

Farewell letter from

These stamps are made from erasers, using a craft knife and ruler. If you stick to straight lines then carving is easy and you don’t need any specialist tools! Perfect for decorating your own wrap, cards and fabric etc.

Simple little DIY stamps. I love this design! :) you could even make stamps form the big pink erasers, too!

Super cute DIY eraser stamp carved into pencil. Makes triangle prints. Perfect for card making and all kinds of arts and crafts

Fabric Bleach Art.

DIY Fabric Bleach Art diy diy ideas diy crafts do it yourself fabric craft art easy crafts diy art fun diy fun crafts craft ideas diy ideas fun diy-(use paints instead of bleach for art projects)

New tools - Cool idea for Gelli Printing

Making texture plates from cut circles of corrugated cardboard for printing, rubbing, stamping. From I Am Rushmore.

Reinforcement labels!...wonderful and very easy to do!

Hi everyone - it is Jan here with your weekly tutorial. Today we are going to make your own hole reinforcement labels.

Stamps handmade

Stamps handmade - must make my own alphabet (and are they stored in a box of chocolates?