honey packaging

B Honey Cachaça

B Honey Cachaca by Pereira & O'Deli. The Dieline Awards 2012 Winners - The Dieline - The Package Design Website -

honey logo & packaging. love how the e is the bee. and the transparency on the left.

This is the packaging that Turner Duckworth designs for Waitrose honey products, directly shows products to receivers, and performs confidence. The design focuses on honey logo, which perfectly combines “E” and “Honey”.

Urban honey from different cities. The stingers are mad into iconic building outlines. Clever!

jkr's Global Student Competition Winners

jkrs Global Student Competition Winners - The Dieline - Rooftop-harvested honey.

Love this label. Nice Packaging & Website, ++! http://www.trubeehoney.com/

Tru Bee Honey

Pure and raw, this honey is made from the nectar of regional wildflowers and plants and sourced exclusively from American beekeepers.