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Now I ship them even harder. So hard that I could bruse you just by saying 'Johnlock'

Title is an extract from IAMX's "Mercy" - "It's the shining of you that just breaks me. It's the Shining of You

I don't ship johnlock, i'm repinning this for the guy at the bottom :D i feel ya bro :D

Doesn’t matter why. Fuck it. Give me more wet Johnlock. Give me more wet Johnlock…! More Johnlock fanart!


So Platonic by sexlock. // I only bro ship it but the art is really good

I love being a whovian, but Ive got to say, I eagerly await those amazing 4.5 hours  and then the following ten years of nothing...

now imagine being both sherlockians and whovians<--don't have to, I am a wholockian. I will jump up and down because Doctor who has a new episode next week one moment and be on the floor sobbing about Sherlock the next.

I got butterflies from this wonderful pic

Johnlock makes me so very happy I realize that a lot of people think that its a sick twisting of their beautiful friendship, but you can't have a beautiful love story without a friendship like that first.>>>>> i love johnlock to