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He always sits on the fence and enjoyes the sun Majestic

20 creative space saving ideas for home - The Grey Home

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If only it were really possible to have a Zero Point Energy Field Manipulation device....

Fans of Half-Life 2 are going to want this Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun Scale Prop Replica to add to their collection. It is the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 Gordon Freeman HEV Suit Hoodie

Take hold of that crowbar and start swinging with our Half-Life 2 HEV Suit Hoodie. Instead of protecting you from most acids and radiation, this one protects you from cold, wind, and trace amounts of water.

Gordon Freeman and Headcrab Guy Half Life Cosplay on Global Geek News.

In what we can only hope is a break from cosplay, a headcrab-infected Half-Life zombie sips a soda while the heroic Gordon Freeman (Ph.) munches on a pretzel.

Half-Life 2 - Gordon freeman -gos he looks so handsome in this

Gordan Freeman also from the Half-life series was a scientist who essentially turned a world into chaos, and I chose this because it shows a war that still hasn't been won but Gordon Freeman is always there to save the day.

Going to spend the morning in bed playing Half Life, will never lose my inherent fear of headcrabs. gnuuurrgghhh.

Inspired by literature, informed by videogames. Number five in a series of thirty, from the series Thirty Days of Videogames, by A. Half Life 2 inspired “Secret Life of Headcrabs.