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Was a great game at my shower but I used mini m&ms and it was a little more challenging. Pain in the rear to count out the m&ms total) but everyone loved it so I would suggest it at any shower. When they are passing the bottle around to guess is a gr

Guess the date? Make it fun, buy a square & closest person gets half the pot. (Other half goes to the new parents for a gift card)

Baby shower idea: Guess the baby's birthday! Great way to replace a guest book. You could use stickers of a pacifier and/or a rattle. Each person placed the sticker on the date they predicted and signed their name. Perfect to put in a scrapbook, too!

Baby Blocks I made for a friends Baby Shower.

Baby Blocks I made for a friends Baby Shower. you can acctually get equally sized cube boxes, wrap them with any kind of white paper- could be the white chart paper- , use ribbons to boarder the boxes and make your own letters

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Appetizers for my bridal shower because my bridesmaid dresses are you my to be different colors like the fruit kabobs. She drizzled high-end Balsamic Vinegar over her tomato-mozzarella-basil skewers.