Cool Ideen! Traum Terrasse. dream house

Things you can get once you own your luxury home…

Adults need to have fun too! Any slide for adults in a house is a great idea, but this one contains a water slide. Excellent choice of transportation and you can even get a shower on the way out of bed going down to get breakfast!

Betten Wohnideen

25 Amazing Beds Will Make You Wish It Was Nap Time

DIY Shadowbox Table

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fkn sickkkkk!

Funny pictures about Awesome basement pool. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome basement pool. Also, Awesome basement pool photos.

love this bed!!!

Enhance your home color with these beautiful purple room designs! purple bedroom ideas for adults


10 Wackiest & Coolest Swimming Pool Designs In the World

An amazing bed floating over a water moat in a custom designed room. A talented architect built the futuristic house and lavish dwelling.


Looking for some cool DIY room decor ideas in say, the color turquoise? We love aqua and turquoise, too!


Not all for the pink but I LOVE the shape of the bed and the ceiling is awesome. purple and grey would be really nice.


Guest House idea: I love how the bed is above the living space. Great idea for a small space!

camping clubhouse loft bed kids diy

Exactly what I imagined Jude's bed like, complete with hammock underneath.DIY Furniture Project Plan: Learn How to Build a Clubhouse Fort Bed for the Kids