Ich möchte einmal mit Amateuren zusammenarbeiten... :o)

don't be upset not being a profi- an amateur built noah's ark Lot of Profis the titanic.

30 Ideen für deine Morgenroutine - Der perfekte Start in den Tag - Mind Hack Infografik

30 Ideen für deine Morgenroutine - Der produktive Start in den Tag

#Worte die das #Herz ❤️ berrühren ...

You won't be liked by everyone but there is always someone whose favourite colour you are. (And each colour is beautiful in its very own way without needing someone whose favourite colour it is.

Die besten Motivationssprüche für den Sport auf www.gofeminin.de #fitspo #motivation #fitness

Die besten Motivationssprüche translation: The best motivational quotes - When you want to give up, think about it, why did you begin this in the first place?

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Die schönsten Zitate fürs Leben

water balloon surprise

Water Balloon Fight Surprise

A Water Balloon Fight Surprise is such a fun activity for anyone! Leave a note next to the door and wait outside with the other half of the water balloons!