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I am a MASSIVE Harry Potter fan, so it only made sense for me to do a “stuff pack” based around Harry Potter! The other games have had lots of HP-themed CC, but Sims 4 is seriously lacking, so I...
[spectacledchic-sims4] Leahlillith Daydream Recolor This is my recolor/retexture of @leahlillith​ Daydream
A burger without fries is like a woman without a best friend! Sim ladies can show their commitment to their friendship by wearing these matching tops. Found in TSR Category 'Sims 4 Female Everyday'
elliesimple:  [elliesimple] - Hair recolor ombré blond version of my latest recolor, requested by ilovesaramoon. Here it is :)/!\ IF YOU HAVE ALREADY DOWNLOAD THE RED VERSION, REPLACE BY THIS FILE /!\                                             ~ DOWNLOAD ~ if you use my recolor tag me at #elliesimple. please don’t claim as your own ! crédit:  Skin by Chisami   Eyes  by Lia   Eyebrows by S-club   Eyeshadow by S-club   Blush by Vampire_aninyosaloh   Top by Daniparadise   Ear plugs by…
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