Nice set up, could put basin where toilet is! Trademark alcove/niche for those showering essentials!

Interior MA by Architecture. Located in Moscow, Russia, Interior MA is a project created by Architecture. Built before the Revolution the apartment holds reference to French neoclassicism,.

Badezimmer 3

But for the feature stripe I like the small horizontal tiles. I hope they would come in a larger piece and therefore not be too costly to do.

Solar Shade and Solar Generator | Cool Solar Powered Inventions

61 Solar Powered Inventions That Will Change The World [2nd Edition]

Solar shading with Schüco ProSol TF Schüco ProSol TF can be set into newbuild and renovation façades as attractive solar shading elements. When used as solar shading, advantage can be taken of the multiple functions of the module.


From the creator of the Techno, the SpydeChef: [IMG] Titanium framelock by Marcin Slysz, bladesteel. Picture credit goes to PiterM.

Here’s a size comparison of the new Beard Comb next to the Scout Hook™. It’s smaller & thinner than the Classic Comb but still as useful & makes a great pocket comb.