Lassen Hendryk

Lassen Hendryk

Lassen Hendryk
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Recycling Plastic Bottle Baskets

Recycling : Plastic Bottle Baskets I like this idea for traveling. Bring some things for the car in upcycled plastic basket

Bore vertical holes with scrap stock jig

Bore Vertical holes with scrap stock jig "Handy Woodworking Jig" Hope it helps you drill those holes in those dowels.

awesome bench vise clamp

Living on the edge without a vise: Use blocking and a second set of clamps to hold work pieces vertical for working on edges.

From the outside, Mike Walker's workshop looks like a well-appointed lakeside retreat . It looks like that on the inside too--except for all the woodworking tools.

A drawer for drills: The drawer was designed to store cordless drills, batteries, and chargers. It is equipped with a timer to prevent chargers from overheating. If this could really happen!