Amerland Road by Giles Pike Architects

SKY LIGHT I could see this room in my future. (via Giles Pike Architects designs timber-clad house for a tiny plot)

Connemara / Peter Legge Associates Connemara in Co Galway, Ireland has many wonderful examples of the juxtapostion of old with new, or like this with a respect for the tradtional venacular with use of the natural local stone in a studding contemporary house which sits well in the countrysde. R McN

Gallery of Connemara / Peter Legge Associates - 10

Image 10 of 28 from gallery of Connemara / Peter Legge Associates. Photograph by Sean Breithaupt + Yvette Monohan


Light House by architects Barbosa & Guimarães, Portugal. We love the modern take on classic windows that allows light to stream into the space.

Paris studio Opus 5 Architects completed this island house in Brittany, France, featuring a glazed façade with sections covered by stone screens.

Belle Iloise House by Opus 5

New take on the traditional .Belle Iloise House, Britanny by Paris studio Opus 5 Architects. A glazed walkway connects the bedrooms to the rest of the house.

Wiederaufbau: Anwesen aus dem 19. Jahrhundert wurde herrlich renoviert

A Modern Reinterpretation of a Historical Rural House in Pennsylvania MSR Design completed the renovation of Private Estate (several properties with


I want a tree in my skylight livingroom. you see trees in houses and they always look like they are being strangled by it. This one looks like the house was built around it.

Cottage meets greenhouse in modern thatched home - Curbedclockmenumore-arrow : This H-shaped Dutch home features walls of glass topped with a traditional gable roof

Cottage meets greenhouse in modern thatched home

A gabled greenhouse appears to slide out from beneath the thatched roof of this villa, completed by Maas Architecten in the Dutch countryside

First lichtband Dachfenster

11 Interiors That Are All About the Natural Light. Making the most of natural light in a space is important, but these interiors take it to another level.

Kinderkulturhaus in Kopenhagen / Villa Villekulla - Architektur und Architekten - News / Meldungen / Nachrichten -

Villa Villekulla - Kinderkulturhaus in Kopenhagen

Children's climbing wall in Ama’r Children’s Culture House, Copenhagen by Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter

Meierhof Trausdorf, AllesWirdGut, Mobimenti, Guilherme Silva Da Rosa 70089

Wachgeküsst: Festsaal im Burgenland

Meierhof Trausdorf, AllesWirdGut, Mobimenti, Guilherme Silva Da Rosa 70089