Photo by James Moes.  Poppytalk: Engagement Portraits: Adelene + Ji

Poppytalk: Engagement Portraits: Adelene + Ji in Machu Picchu

don't ya just wish you could have a picture of your hair in motion that didn't make you look like a dork?

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.Una palabra canta en mi corazón, susurrante hoja verde sin fin cayendo. En la noche balsámica, cuando la sombra es el crecer desmesurado de los árboles, me besa un largo sueño de viajes prodigiosos y hay en mi corazón una gran luz de sol y maravilla.

I will only let you touch me, if your hands are full of intention, that every brush of your palms, feels like you are writing a novel on my skin.

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My passion is not photography. I live in a colorful world, but my mind is filled with classical music and black and white photography.

"she stands and closes her eyes for just a moment, waiting for nothing and everything, feeling her hair dancing in the wind, then she join."

Look deep into those haters eyes and show them that you're on Earth to survive. Fashion is self acceptance. Stand tall and show the world what you've. You might not have it by tomorrow, if it comes.

portrait by summer

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