Gotta start saving those water bottle lids!! Great idea for a math center! But I'm also thinking I can use bottle caps for lots of other centers!

Use water bottle lids for math center. You can get water bottle lids from upcycle places :-) good idea for multiplication facts!

Fun way to practice facts- math center?

Learning numbers, fine-motor practice, and a mystery to solve! Solve the code to unlock the padlock (Centers)


Discover thousands of images about pixel Love this! this activity could be replicated by pom poms, potatoes, small plastic easter eggs, beads, etc!

goße Murmeln und große Öffnung für die KRST Mehr Mehr

Fine motor activity -- spoon marbles into a bottle. How many can you get in without dropping any outside of the bottle? Not allowed to touch the marbles with fingers!

Wilderness Survival

11 Wilderness Survival Tips That Could Save Your Life in Critical Situations

Wilderness Survival

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Feinmotorik + Mathematik

Interactive multiplication math Could change to be more difficult, addition, division, or subtraction. This is a fun way to help with multiplication. This is a and concrete lesson.


The kids will love this colorful math work for number recognition. The Elementary Math Maniac: Quick and Fun Math Practice for Little Kids. Another cute way to show number recolonization and one to one correspondence.

Fun Counting Activities for Kindergarten and Preschool

Number Worksheets