String art: Dominique Falla

Relax & Unwind by Dominique Falla He drew the type by hand, scanned it, redrew it in Illustrator and then made it from pin and string. Hundreds and hundreds of metres of string.

String art: Dominique Falla

For this year's Positive Posters competition, Dominique Falla created this fantastic thread and nail poster, very cheerful and colorful.

String Art Wall Fun

Ive always been a huge fan of string art, and I love how its making a come back. I really wanted to try a reverse string style, where I leave the letters

String art: Dominique Falla

Radiohead lyrics "Destiny Protect me from the World" by Dominique Falla

string art

Take of tour of Megan's whimsical craft room and see how she made a small space double as a craft room, work out room, and library!