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a poster with different types of food on it's sides and the words what does the world eat?
What Does The World Eat For Breakfast? #infographic
Infographic: What Does The World Eat For Breakfast? #infographic
an info poster showing different types of food
How to Survive Oktoberfest
Each year, Germans and alcoholics across the globe travel to Munich for the annual beer festival, Oktoberfest.
an illustrated poster with different types of food and their names on it's side
Sina Visitor System
Wurst #info #grafik
the bread is being prepared and ready to be cooked in the oven, then baked
Beyond Kimchee
Apple Strudel, in memory of Germany - I love authentic recipes from other's even better when someone from that country teaches you - it makes it even more authentic
an assortment of cookies and pastries are arranged on a baking sheet, ready to be eaten
Bavarian Christmas
German Christmas Cookies--Kokosmakronen (Chocolate Macaroons), Zimtsterne (Cinnamon/Kirsch), Spitzbuben (Raspberry Jam Filled), Vanillekipferl (Aniseseed Crescents), Schokiladen-Butter-plaetzchen (Chocolate Shortbread), and Nusstaler (Chocolate Hazelnut)!
a stack of cranberry filled donuts sitting on top of a plate covered in powdered sugar
Quarkküchlein mit Kirschragout
Nachspeisen > Quarkküchlein mit Kirschragout