In den KNUFF passen perfekt Rollen mit Alu- und Frischhaltefolien.

37 clevere Arten, Dein Leben mit IKEA-Sachen zu organisieren

Use Ikea Knuff magazine files as under sink storage holders. Screw a magazine file holder to the inside of kitchen cupboards. Add space to store more bulky items like chopping boards, cleaning products etc.

cool Dining Room Gallery Wall Idea - FeedPuzzle by

Dining Room Gallery Wall Idea - FeedPuzzle

Great mix of elements for this gallery wall. I love the chalkboard and the fork and spoon hanging the wall! The EAT letters on the wall are perfect for the kitchen or dining area.

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Regal selber bauen - 11 DIY-Projekte


Here's a test tube spice rack that I made to hold all of my spices. I tried to improve upon previous test tube spice racks that I've seen by using a nice.


DIY Storage Jars with Clear Decals from The Painted Hive: MAGIC Decal Transfer Tutorial with Free Printables!

Herrliche Gewürze oder Kaffee-Regal mit hängenden von APT8ecodesign

Gorgeous spices or coffee shelf with hanging jars which have chalkboard labels and hooks to hang towels, cups etc.