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Leinad Meunier

Leinad Meunier
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Samoan tattoo

An armband tattoo is an unbroken tattoo design made on a person’s arm and it encircles the biceps. Armband tattoos are highly regarded by men as they like to emphasize their muscles and arms.


Check Out 30 Amazing Anchor Tattoos On Arm. An anchor is used to moor a vessel to the sea bottom, which reminds people that anchor is symbolic of stability, safety and hope. An anchor entangled with roses tattoo means protected love.

adidas Originals NMD 2016 Releases

These Are All the Upcoming 2016 Releases for the adidas Originals NMD: Update: The image has been taken down at adidas' request, however check out the new NMD Primeknit here.

final fantasy 8

Three characters in a battle with a monster which resembles a mechanical spider. A gray menu at the bottom of the image shows the characters' health and bars representing the time left until they can act.