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Leslie Catalani
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義 Rectitude   勇 Courage   仁 Benevolence   礼 Respect   誠 Honesty   誉 Honor   忠 Loyalty  ― Seven Virtues of Bushido

義 Rectitude (integrity, straightforwarness - your morals) 勇 Courage 仁 Benevolence (goodwill/charitableness) 礼 Respect 誠 Honesty 誉 Honor 忠 Loyalty ― Seven Virtues of Bushido

baked tacos

I'm making these for dinner tonight! baked tacos -Made SO YUMMY! The meat mix is especially delicious! And I used La Tiera taco shells. Next time I'll use thicker. And I used Lawrys Taco seasoning.