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Making the Hobbit into three movies was a way to make triple the money, not a way to "expand Tolkien's original vision". How could you do this Peter Jackson?


Because it wasn't in the books, Tauriel. (And yet I actually agree because of the way Kili's death played out!

Men get abused, women get abused. Just Dont mix those issues to change the direction of one to another.


Fluck this, I'm moving to Gallifrey. At least they're time-locked and can't mess schist up more than they already have. Why'd they have to go pick a fight with the Daleks anyway? *leaves while mumbling about fandom* <---- Sad story but epic comment.


"But I'm a Nice Guy (TM)! It's obviously more important to protect my delicate feelings than your physical safety!

○ w i n d f i l l

It's increasingly clear that for men, being drunk excuses anything they do. For women, being drunk excuses anything done to us. <<<cannot repost this enough

bring up feminism to most men the first thing they talk about is the right to hit women back. not equal pay, but their right to beat women.

Pp: "The word 'feminism'. It's interesting the first thing men think about when they hear the word feminism is beating them. But we have the problem?


so a girl appreciates your company to the point where she feels like shes grown up with you and has a deep familial bond with you and you think its okay to just beat the shit out of her ok great


This is disgusting, rape is not something that should be ignore it is A Crime, why do people victim blame like how


and respect gay people without thinking they're try to "convert" your children.


Seriously though! Breastfeeding is not sexual; it's mammals natural way of providing substance for their offspring! (And yes humans are mammals) And breasts are just secondary sex characteristics! Adam’s apples are secondary sex characteristics